28 week bump update



First and foremost, I love being pregnant. I am definitely one of those weirdo preggo ladies who were lucky enough to not have any morning sickness (not even ONCE!), no stretch marks (thank you genes), no crazy midnight cravings (husband is thankful for this one), and no psycho mood swings (husband is ESPECIALLY thankful for this one!).  My only compliant is the extreme fatigue and preggo aches and pains that just goes along with being pregnant. The last 2 weeks have been the worst, however, part of it could have been that we had one of the busiest weekends at my restaurant, Splendid Shabu, for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure running around like a mad women doesn’t help back pains and leg cramps.

Oh and can we talk about the fact that I cannot survive a day without a nap. I use to be the best sleeper, like could fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere, anytime. Nowadays between waking up from bizarre dreams or having to pee every hour, sleeping through the night is just not happening. But I guess it’s just my body getting me ready for motherhood, because we all know NOBODY is getting sleep when baby boy arrives!



We also just had our monthly check-up and my doctor recommended a belly support belt to help with the aches and pains. So I will be on the prowl for one ASAP! Do you have one you loved or can recommend?

So there they are, all my pregnancy symptoms (or lack of) so far! I don’t think I’ve had it bad in the slightest, in fact, pregnancy makes you feel totally awesome. Every time I feel him kick, I am mind blown that MY body has made him.





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