Bump fashion with Pink Blush Maternity + GIVEAWAY!


Y’all I spoke too soon when I said, “pregnancy is sooooo easy, I could do this forever… blah blah blah”. I just passed the 32 week mark and boy has it been struggle central over here. I’m tired… SO tired. I ache and I’m moody. Oh and I waddle. Worst part, nothing fits. I have always been one to dress to a T and I’m not talking about a t-shirt. I have been rocking black maternity leggings everyday for 6 months straight now because I couldn’t find any cute maternity clothes nor justify spending hundreds of dollars on something I’ll be wearing for only a couple months.

Thankfully, I came across Pink Blush Maternity. They have the most fashion-forward, comfortable AND affordable maternity clothes that I’ve found. What’s great about their clothing is that you can even wear them postpartum! Both of these cute maxi dresses are from Pink Blush. Now the hard part is picking out which one to wear to my baby shower next weekend!

Anyone else as excited as I am?! Well, I’ve teamed up with Pink Blush Maternity for an awesome GIVEAWAY on my Instagram (@hello.greyson)- One lucky follower will win a $75 gift card to Pink Blush! Don’t walk, RUNNNNNN ladies!






    • Thank you so much for the kind words mama! I hear ya, I’m ready for baby to get here 🙂

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