new house progress

As some of you may already know, David and I are in the process of building a new house. Finally, a place for us to “settle down”. In the (almost) 4 years we have been together, we have moved 5 times between the both of us (Columbus, OH –> Atlanta, GA –> Savannah, GA). We still have not fully unpacked from our last move. However, we were not planning on moving quite so soon. Here’s a little background as why I call us “dabblers of real estate”… or just insane.

David and I come from very different backgrounds. I am Chinese; he is American. I am city (New York City); he is country (Ashland, OH). I am Louis Vuitton; he is Carhartt. You get the point. Despite the differences in how we were raised, we are both on the same page on investing, particularly in real estate. Before we were married, we each bought one rental property in Savannah. While we were engaged, we agreed that we didn’t need a huge 5000 sq ft. house with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, wall-to-wall hardwoods, granite everything, stainless everything, etc. We probably could have, but we agreed that it was just the two of us (no kids yet) and we just didn’t need all that. So in 2015, we bought a short-sale, fixer upper house. We made a two year goal to live here and then keep it as a rental property when we eventually moved on.

Once we found out we were pregnant, we decided we might as well start looking for a bigger space. One day during my work break, we drove through the subdivision across the street from our current house and peeked into the property management office to see what they had available for sale. The next thing I knew (we literally talked to the lady for 10 minutes), we were in the process of BUILDING a new house! Our original goal was two years with our investment property, but now we are moving on in less then one year. So far, we picked out all of our upgrades, framing is complete, plumbing and electric is good to go, and this week drywall will be in place! 2 more months till move-in, 2 more months… Oh, and did I mention baby will be here in 3 months!

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