29 week bump update


11 more weeks, y’all! Holy. Cow.

Weekend Recap:  This past weekend was a good one. David and I went on a much-needed, little getaway to Atlanta. Two of our best friends recently had their babies (one week apart) and I just could not wait another minute to see their sweet, squishy newborns. Seeing them makes me even more excited and anxious to meet our little boy. Visiting Atlanta we obviously had to stop by IKEA and picked up some things for our non-existant nursery. I literally have the nursery completely planned out, now I just need a house to put it in! Think black, white, and natural wood 🙂

House Update:  Speaking of the new house– We FIIIINALLY have a closing date. April 18th, which is exactly one month until Greyson’s due date. We are not exactly happy about this since we thought we would have 2 solid months to get settled in and now we may have as little as 2 weeks if baby comes early as we anticipate he will. However, good thing I’ll be in full nesting mode by then..

 How I’m Feeling:  This little boy is STRONG! It’s crazy to watch my belly move when he starts kicking now. I totally feel like someone out of the movie whose body was invaded by an alien. I mean, this kid is moving and kicking ALL day long. As mentioned last week, my back pain has been a well, real pain. My girl friend recommended a belly/back support belt. HOLY LIFE SAVER! This thing is magic. Basically it’s a lower back brace that wraps over and under your belly. This gives great support for the long days on my feet at the restaurant. Other than that, we are still rockin’ and rollin’ at this whole pregnancy thing!